Moments that stay with you forever are waiting

Saffire moments are so precious you’ll remember every single one. Moments as complex as the luxurious pleasures of a day spa experience, or as simple as toes feeling the squeaky white sand. As inspiring as the sunset splashed across the Hazards, and as intimate as the morning sun creeping up the wall of your suite. The moments can be as unique as wading out to partake of fresh oysters in the waters of a nearby estuary, or as surprising as realising your wine glass hasn’t been empty since sitting down to dinner. Only Saffire Freycinet has these moments.

Below you will find special packages the team at Saffire Freycinet prepared for you to experience everything the East Coast of Tasmania has to offer, whether it is romance, adventure, food and wine, pure relaxation or a mixture of them all, Saffire-style.

Maria Island Walk and Saffire

Combine the 4-day award winning Maria Island Walk with a 2-night stay at the luxurious Saffire Freycinet. On the final day of the walk, transfer direct to Saffire Freycinet either by chartered plane, helicopter, Saffire Freycinet executive transfer service or private car hire. Transfer costs are not included.

For more information on this unique experience, call Maria Island Walk on 03 6234 2999 or visit

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